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More than 60 thousand people live in the impenetrable zone, isolated by dirt roads that become impassable when it rains. The unemployment rate is over 80%. There are no companies here. Half of the people who live in the mountain range are not registered. Many girls are mothers, the majority illiterate and poorly nourished, which, in many cases, generates children with delayed development and various disabilities. The communities are plagued by diseases such as Chagas disease, tuberculosis, malnutrition and the worst of all “bad nutrition”. They do not have drinking water, they drink river water, the population has parasites, which is transmitted by water. The Rural Hospital is empty, it does not even have an operating room; the sanitary rooms of the places are closed. The schools do not have any type of support and subsist as they can.
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A few years ago, someone wrote to us from far away to tell us about the hardships suffered by many children who live in a place that we did not know, “the impenetrable”. Among those photos was that of a beautiful Wichí girl with a sad look, who suffered from malnutrition. That photo was the beginning of this humanitarian adventure.
When we looked for “El Sauzalito”, we realized how far it was. 1630 km with a special challenge, “the impenetrable one”, 300 km of dirt, sand and mud. That same day ChacoExiste began. We collected  donations every Saturday at the Ciudad Club. Two months later, we loaded a trailer truck and left. Three days of travel. We arrived at El Sauzalito in the middle of winter, 30º. There was only desolation, sadness, dust and dirt, forgetfulness and laziness. We were greeted by a lot of people, neither they nor we could understand what this was about.
That afternoon, at the picnic area, we met Elena, the girl in the photo. The community received everything we brought. They said goodbye to us believing that we would not return. However, in November, we were here again (ChacoExiste2) with two trucks and with the Sponsorship Program running, with a bigger desire to help. We arrived better prepared. The community and Elena, our goddaughter, were waiting for us.
Our return sealed the trust of the community. We distributed the donations in more sensitive areas, we left a lot of food, promises and also a lot of hugs. A box full of love for each child. We returned in March 2018 (ChacoExiste3) with three trucks. Everyone opens their doors for us, Elena receives the boxes from her and laughs, she started school. Love in its purest form. Children get better, they look healthier, happier, our souls happy. We said goodbye with tears and hugs. We would be back soon. October, (ChacoExiste4) 20 tons of food, 117 bicycles, toys, love and a lot of faith. There is a part of us that lives here, the progress is our pride. There are already more picnic areas, more community meals, more children in school, better medical care. June 2019 (ChacoExiste 5), 40 tons of food, bicycles, refrigerators, televisions, tools and more than 10 tons of donations for 24 rural schools because the project not only grew, it also matured, so it is no longer just feeding them, it is providing them the resources so that they can choose their own destiny in their lives.
* chaco6 / 7/8/9 - Special Mention:
When we met Elena, on our first trip, we asked her what was her dream? - "Sleep on a mattress" -she told us she. In just two years Elena already has her full bed, her bike, her clothes and shoes neat, her toys, her new house, she started school, she laughs and plays a lot more, she is very healthy. Perhaps he has the most important thing that she did not have until that day, "a chance".
ChacoExiste is an extraordinary journey inside ourselves.

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