Locus Caeruleus


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    Art Description:
    Locus Caeruleus, 2019 Acrylic, Oil on wood 100x100cm Neuronal effect: I paint this painting to try to prevent the distressing memory of my three transient cerebrovascular accidents or TIAs, which with aphasia and loss of vision in the left eye, from staying or consolidating in my long-term memory and moving from short-term memory term to the canvas, because in the process of recovering and reconsolidating memories they become more unstable and susceptible to forgetting; so I turn them over on the table and I feel somewhat liberated; only in a certain way, because the table being an inanimate object and I came to feel jealous of her, that although I have poured out my anguish, she cannot feel it. I envy. I call it electrical stimulation of the locus coeruleus because the stimulation of this part of the brain in laboratory animals creates analogous situations in these animals to human anxiety, generating adrenergic hyperactivity that I suffer daily.

    Collection Description:
    Single piece

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