The Gaze

Artist: Franklin Umoru

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To look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought.
Gaze could be in admiration so also it could be for the bad, for that steady look it must have something underneath. Could it be thought of good or thoughts of evil? No one can say especially when it comes with a jaunty smile.
But look here, look at this gaze. A gaze from a princess, it describes nothing but Love, you can clearly see love in her eyes, sparkling out is Ray's lust for the man she stares at. In her head all she sees is a world only the two of them inhabit, where he is a king and she a princess, waking up to do nothing but to make love and make it so passionate.

Oh Princess is everything alright? Someone asked, she was awakening in the body but still her soul have a knot with his. Even while she tries to get current with what is happening around her, she still gets caught up with her hallucinations. 
The Gaze is all about passion in eye contact, where we see beyond what and who we are. A stare that will uncover your attire and show me your physic..
The principle of list is bond in the heart but the EYES birthed it through a GAZE