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Plastic 0 Menorca is a You Social project. The mission is to raise awareness and call to action about the reduction and re-use of plastic. We provide education about the problem by giving concrete solutions. At the same time the project aims  to promote sustainable tourism in Menorca as an example of a  successful eco-project in the Mediterranean, involving people and organizations both on the island and its surroundings.
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Plastic 0 Menorca carries out expeditions with volunteers to collect plastic from the coasts of Menorca. During the first "Plastic 0 Menorca" expedition which lasted five days, 330.68 kg of plastic were collected and about 10,000 micro-plastics  removed from the coasts of the island, thereby removing a risk factor  for marine fauna and the ecosystem of the Mediterranean Sea.

The objective of the expeditions is to educate more people every day about this problem and the solutions that we can put into practice. And to offer and enjoyable and sustainable vacation on the island of Menorca and sharing the experience with other volunteers.
The 2020 Expedition
From August 11 to 15 2020 the 1st expedition by sea and by land was carried out, involving 30 volunteers from all over Spain. In the context of the Expedition workshops and training talks were held on the beaches of Menorca under the name of "Beach Talks".
Experts from environmental organizations on the island shared their knowledge on specific topics such as micro-plastics, the origin of plastic, the impact of plastic on the environment, re-use and bio-plastics, etc.
The 2021 Expedition
From June 10 to 13, the second expedition was carried out in this case also with participants who with snorkeling and diving helped clean the seabed. Social activities were organized for the participants such as Acroyoga, vegan barbecue, beach talks.

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