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Arvi Park is an open natural park located 28 km from Medellin in Colombia. It is a habitat where forests, flowers, mosses, birds and many other species abound. During your visit you can enjoy ecological trails in the company of a guide. Arvi Park is an ideal place to relax and enjoy as a couple, with family or friends. The park is managed by the Corporacion Parque Arvi

THE ARVÍ PARK CORPORATION is a non-profit entity, created in 2007 by a joint effort of 13 public and private institutions The corporation works for the consolidation of the Park, as well as for the conservation, maintenance and promotion of the territory.
It controls the physical development of the  Park, with an environmental, cultural, tourist and educational vocation.
Additionally, the Parque Arví Corporation may sign contracts with public and private entities for the promotion and implementation of this model at municipal, departmental, national and international levels.
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The Corporation develops tourist, recreational and sports activities.
It strives to  improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the territory by enabling the economic development of families, through the application of social inclusion activities that make the community an active part of the entire process.

The corporation promotes and advises on the conservation of renewable natural resources and the protection of the environment, as well as the sustainable development of the regions, seeking to minimize and mitigate the impact generated by man.
It works for the cultural preservation of the area where Parque Arví project is located.
It implements a comprehensive social management model to create and improve the  sustainability of the territory.
It promotes the project area as a center for educational, archaeological, ecological, tourist, historical and cultural development.
It carries out, encourages, promotes, guides and coordinates activities related to the adoption, implementation and commercialization of tourist and environmental services.

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