Welcome artists all over the world!

No matter if you are a photographer or a painter, a musician or a writer, there is a place for you on NFThubs to digitalize your work and present it to a wider audience in the shape of an NFT on the Cardano blockchain, also known as CNFT.

That's right. An NFT (or non-fungible token) is a digital representation of your work. And not necessarily just one. Because if you want you can mint (that is what creating an NFT on the blockchain is called) any number of NFTs of one and the same art work.

This will give you a chance to offer your work for a reduce price to an particular, often young, audience that otherwise might not be able to afford to buy any of your pieces.

While at the same time, being able to sell an X amount of NFTs of one and the same work wil still enable you to create a considerable revenue. So a  clear win-win situation.

So why NFThubs?

Because we are the platform with the BIG HEART.

Not only will you be offering your art to a new, wider audience on NFThubs.

Part of the commission of our platform goes to out charity program Thought For Food in Bangladesh.

It is our hope and intention to grow NFThubs quickly so it will allow us to also exponentially grow our presence on the ground in Bangladesh, and hopefully in other countries as well.

 You see, NFThubs has come up with a completely new concept, where art and charity not only go hand in hand, but also feed of each other and help each other grow.

So if you would like to seize the opportunity to present your art to a fast growing global digital audience, while at the same time doing some real tangible good for fellow human beings that only by misfortune never had the opportunities that you and we have had, please contact us. 

We are very much looking forward to get to know you and together to start spreading art and a bit of joy in the world.