What is Staking?

The protocol that the Cardano blockchain runs on, is called POS, or Proof Of Stake.

The "Stake" being the amount of ADA that somebody "delegates" to the stakepool of his or her choice, for example stakepool HOTEL.
When a stakepool has a sufficient amount of ADA delegated to it, it will create blocks.  Blocks that contain  transaction information that is produced by the Cardano blockchain. The blockchain will then pay the stakepool operators, or SPOs, rewards for helping maintain the network. At the same time, delegators that have delegated their ADA to a stakepool that produces blocks, also receive rewards. Currently those rewards (or interest, if you will) measure somewhere between 4 and 5% annually. The delegator rewards are paid out into their wallet at the end of every Epoch. An epoch lasts for 5 days.

Now staking is a competitive business.  Currently there are several thousand stakepools but not all of them produce blocks. In this section NFThubs offers space to projects that are designed to support the stakepool operators, for example by having them participate in the revenues of the sales of certain NFTs that are inspired on the pools.