No signup is required. As long as you have a wallet that holds ADA, you can purchase our CNFTs.

Currently the only currency that can be used to purchase nfts on NFThubs is ADA, the cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain.

You can purchase ADA on crypto-exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and many others.

There are safety measures in place to prevent bots from buying up entire collections

You will receive your NFT almost immediately, or at least as fast as the Cardano blockchain is able to process your transaction. The NFT gets minted and sent on the blockchain at the same exact moment as you complete your purchase.

Very soon! An update of your technological partner is expected any day now, which will allow the purchase with Visa and Mastercard!

NFThubs is working on ways for the artist to be able to sell their physical art as well.


Yes, you can collect royalties through other platforms. Some platforms will require you to submit this information before listing or verifying such a collection.

You are free to decide the percentage of your royalties. Royalties will be paid each time one of your pieces is sold to another buyer.

The platform in question will have analytics that you should be able to reference.

You are free to contact the agent of your choice and language. NFThubs is happy to connect you as well.

 Main File: jpeg / gif / png / apng / webp. 

PLUS: subfiles which can be:-

Image: jpeg / gif / png / bmp / svg+xml / 

Video: mpeg / mp4 / ogg / quicktime / webm / 

Text : html / javascript / plain / css /

Audio: mpeg / ogg / wav

Application: zip / pdf / json / gltf+json / octet-stream / gltf-binary

As far as visual files are concerned, please make sure to always upload files in high resolution. You can upload files of any size, however the larger the file, the longer it will take to upload.

Setting up an ADA wallet is easy and takes 5 minutes. All wallets that are currently supported can be found at

Yes, you can change the price of the collection

To change the price of your collection, please email

Theoretically, the drop can be modified until the time NFTs are minted. Please note that changing a collection requires manual intervention on the part of the NFThubs team. So please try to get it right before giving the green light.

There is no exclusivity to sell the same art only on We recommend not doing this for marketing purposes and to keep the artist's reputation intact.

All the artists will have their moment of glory when they arrive on the platform. Additionally, NFThubs offers a series of podcasts, dedicated Twitter Spaces, and our very own Discord community.

Yes, in the Super Stars section.

You are free to sell your art at whatever price you see fit.

Your payment is sent at the exact moment someone buys your work. The payment will arrive in your wallet as soon as the Cardano blockchain is able to make the transfer.

There are currently two ways to tell if an NFT has been sold. First of all, receiving the payment in your wallet. Also on, where sold collections are marked as SOLD. A system is being developed to notify when works of art have been sold


An artist agent's job is to find new artists, as well as help new artists with the signup process to join NFThubs.

The agent has access to special forms that are provided to NFThubs which will facilitate the onboarding of new artists.

NFThubs is accessible to any artist or content creator. However, NFThubs reserves the right to reject any artist or content creator for public safety, etc.

Although the agent is not responsible for the marketing of their artists, it makes sense to contribute to a common effort to advertise for NFThubs, as all parties will benefit from such an effort.

Artist files should be sent to and

The agent can recommend any of the ADA wallets that have been integrated in the minting process by our partner NFTMaker Pro.  Another great option is the COTI Dapp.

An agent can refuse to onboard an artist when assigned to him but the more productive the agent is, the more work will be passed to him/her.

Education is one aspect of the work of the artist agent. It is expected of the agent to present the artist with the options that are currently available and assist the artist with the wallet creation process.

An artist can choose to sell a 1-on-1, multiple pieces, fragments of an art work, or sell by auction.

The NFThubs team is  always available for consultations.

The agent receives his percentage of revenues at the exact moment a sale takes place. The ADA will automatically arrive in the wallet of the agent as soon as the Cardano Blockchain is able to process the transaction.


The NFThubs auctions take place on a dedicated Discord server.

The social impact projects can be found on the menu of the homepage of NFThubs. All of these projects receive support with every sale that occurs.

An artist who joins NFThubs selects the social impact projects  he/she wishes to support during the signup process.

The drops are organized by categories but you can also use the search filter.