Niceper Planet

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A futuristic-style planet in balance with nature and the environment where people have a good heart. 

Each NICEPER is original and unique, with different levels of rarity. 

There are #10,111 NICEPER's Available.

"Niceper Planet" is an artistic project led by 2 young Spanish creators who love technology, crypto and NFTs. Marco Romero 21 years old, designer and Unai Pons 17 years old, marketing (investing in cardano since he was 16) both from Spain, are the soul of this initiative. Two young entrepreneurs committed to achieving a better world through a collection of NFTs that will donate 20% of their profits to sustainable causes. Why Cardano? Well, because this blockchain fits perfectly with the spirit of the nicepers. Sustainability, positive social impact, changing the world for the better, human conscience, reforestation and caring for the sea, green technologies, crypto economy for everyone. These are the values ​​that drive Unai and Marco, who want to be responsible for their future. Niceperplanet was born as a collaborative project and wants to continue developing with other artists, especially from latinamerica, although it is open to anyone who wishes to participate. 

With the purchase of every Niceper you are offsetting your impact on the carbon footprint, although Cardano is already one of the blockchains that consumes very little energy if you compare it with others.

One Niceper one tree. With each niceper sold we will plant a tree in the Arví natural park in Medellín, Colombia.


Nfthubs and Niceper Planet have reached an agreement to reforest the Arví natural park in Medellín, Colombia. The objective of this initiative is to create the Niceper forest, which will be named “Vasil St. Dabov”, in honor of a great human being, who devoted much of his life to planting trees and who was an example of a "niceper" in the Cardano community. During his life Vasil planted more than 10,000 trees and the NFTHub and Nicepers team want to continue his legacy and make it bigger and bigger.

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The Niceper Planet project is Inspired by “Personas corazón” (created in 2015) by Jimmy Pons eco-artist who has been painting with recycled oil for more than 30 years. To continue with the same philosophy, Marco (nephew) and Unai (son) of Jimmy, decided to adapt the "heart people" to the world of NFT, creating the Niceper character from "Nice person" with his peculiar heart shaped head.

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