Naretoi e.V. 

Naretoi e.V. is a charitable society based in Germany that supports adult education and provides sponsorships for needy children in Kenya, District Narok South since 2010.
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How It Began

Everything began with a trip to Kenya, Masai Mara in the year 2004 where we met John Masek a young Massai. Within only 5 days a friendship started, which made us support him in his biggest wish to catch up with the education that he had missed as a child due to several reasons. So he went to Nairobi to learn how to read and write, speak English, and how calculate. In 2009 when we visited John for the 3rd time we saw the positive influence of education not only on John himself but also on his surrounding family members.  

We also met several other adults, but still young Massai men and women ready to get educated asking us for support and telling us: "We are still young enough to manage to get educated, for later on to be able to take care of our families by ourselves! In the area of Masai Mara, there are many possibilities to earn money in tourism, but there is no access to these jobs without education."  

That was when we decided to start a small adult education program in the area of Talek, Masai Mara, Kenya. Still only family sponsored we hired a teacher that educated adults in the afternoons, using the local possibilities such as the classrooms of Talek Primary School. Same time we started thinking of also supporting children of really needy families. Families, that still do not have any access to education. 

We knew that to start this we would need more money and to make fundraising easier in Germany we established Naretoi e.V. as a charitable society in May 2010.

Adult Education Program

The project aims to close the gap between the present generation of children, that have the opportunity to go to school, and the generation that never or only very sketchy could attend school. The cause of illiteracy among adult Massai is because the traditional cultures and values exist and permit not much education chances, also the nomadic Massai presupposed no school education and therefore there was no need for a school visit.

Without the adult education program it is very difficult for a large group of people to participate in the changing society.

Since schools in Talek area, are available only for primary school children Naretoi e.V. is financing a teacher, to teach the adult Massai in the English language, reading, writing and mathematics.

To allow access to the adult school for men and women, classes are held in available rooms in the villages.

It is important to us that there is no "adult school building" in a certain village somewhere, where the adults have to go to for their classes and leave their homes. We want the adults to be able to follow their daily businesses such as looking after the children and animals, cooking, fetching water and firewood, ... and for 2-3 hours per day they come to a room within their village to go to classes, later on they can go back home to follow their work again. Therefore, the adult school is moving from one village to the next after a certain time.

At Naretoi adult education program we do not aim for the adults to have a graduation comparable to KCPE, we want the people to be able to read and write and calculate on a basis that has taken them out of illiteracy, is helpful for their daily live and is a basis for personal development. Though if a person really wants to go back to a public school to sit for KCPE, the Naretoi adult education program helps to get a certain level of education, which is enough to attend primary school.


Student Program


The goal of the student program is to provide educational opportunities for needy children within the Massai community which enables them to function in society independently.

Children that do not have the chance to attend school will end up illiteracy. To break the circle of illiteracy and poverty we think it is important that children get at least basic education at the schools existing in the area. If a child turns out to be intelligent and willing, Naretoi eV will follow its whole education process up to KCSE. From there on we also try to help the student to find a job, by supporting the necessary: college course, driving license,..., or we subsidize university.

As our money is limited but we try to help as many children (families) as possible we follow the following criteria for picking children to attend the student program

- child (child’s family/parent) is very needy (from the Massai community viewpoint)

- only one child per family can join the program

- no difference between boys and girls

Primary School in Talek
To make sure only needy children are considered, we established a committee of parents and teachers located in the different areas Naretoi is working, that are helping to identify the needy children, on January 2012.

Naretoi is not giving the money cash to the families for them to send their children to school.

The Naretoi Team in Kenya is paying the school fees directly to the schools, buying the school uniforms and school supplies together with the child and their family and also is following the child’s health and performance during school terms. It does not mean that Naretoi is taking care of everything around the child. The parents remain the responsibility for their child and have to take care of small personal needs and that the child attends school regularly. The Naretoi Team Kenya will assist them in any case if they need support.

It is important to us, that Naretoi, the teachers, and the parents form a team and help each other with information about the child to make sure the child is healthy (which we consider being the basis for education) and gets education due to its abilities. Even slow learners have the right to get at least basic education and if we can support with tuition or maybe by taking the child to a boarding school we will do so. We will always encourage the children, not let them down.


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