Thought 4 Food Mission

Cardano Hotel Ginebra, the first business in the world to accept ADA and owner of stakepool HOTEL collaborated with developer Nazmul Islam Biplop in Bangladesh to create the Thought for Food program.
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Thought for Food distributes food to those less fortunate within the poorest regions of the Dhaka’s Capital and whenever possible to other locations.

Further advancement of this innovative plan was enhanced significantly when Graphic Designer Tom Wilkinson joined the initiative and a plan began to elevate the program further.
The Concept:
To develop an NFT platform powered by Cardano, with the intention to create a self-sustainable loop of CNFT sales to maintain and expand food distributions in various locations.

The aim is to create a sustainable Thought 4 Food Project initially in Bangladesh and eventually globally.

100% of proceedings from "thought 4 food" cnft distribution goes directly to the charity project. you are also welcome to donate directly.

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