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Hello painters and photographers, musicians and filmmakers, and all other artists!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cardano CNFT!

You're here because you're curious about NFTs and wondering if you should embark on a wonderful new journey.
The answer is "Absolutely"!

NFThubs is here to make the journey incredibly easy for you.
Watch the following videos to find out all about blockchain, nfts and how to introduce your work to a new dynamic

What is Blockchain and what are NFTs? How to start?


What do you need to sell NFTS?


As you can see, joining NFThubs couldn't be easier!
So what about the conditions?
This is how NFThubs works:

AUTONOMOUS REGISTRATION: You handle the onboarding process yourself.

Income distribution:
Artist:                            80%
NFT hubs:                    15%
Social Impact Project:  5%

**You can decide to allocate a higher percentage to the social project than your 80%

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