On May 14th the first interoperable cross chain art and nft event took place at Hotel Ginebra Barcelona, AKA The Cardano Hotel, in collaboration with Zohart Gallery and sponsors The ArtBankers and Monet Society.

The purpose of the event was on the one hand to give the artists that took part in the event to expose their art to visiting art gallery owners and collectors. Then The Art Suite team had prepared a large screen video presentation about blockchain, Cardano and creating NFTs on Cardano.

There were many artists with no personal exposure yet to NFTs while others had previously minted on other blockchains. A sort of “cultural exchange” took place in which experiences about creating nft art on other blockchains were exchanged.

At the end of the event, a number of artists were interviewed and the Art Suite team ran a workshop in which we helped them setting up their first ADA wallets. Based on this experience we have come to understand that these events have a lot of purpose in help growing awareness about the Cardano blockchain among artist communities

As a result we have presented our proposal on Cardano Catalyst Fund 9 to fund a number of these events in capitals of Europe for the duration of one year.
Our proposal: