Hello Everybody

It is time for another update on the development of The Art Suite 2.0
In our previous update, we communicated that the dashboards for artists, artist agents, and our own team had been successfully created.
We have spent the past week testing the control panels to iron out any bugs or find hidden imperfections that there might be.
Testing is also important because we rely for the minting process on our technological partner NMKR and have to make sure the connections are all up and running and performing as expected.

In the meantime, we have decided to push ahead with the development of a few other features which are on track to be delivered by the end of this month, the start of August.
We realized that in the control panels there would be no easy way to see how many and which NFTs had been sold and that is obviously something both artists and artist agents would want to be able to verify. So we are creating and implementing sales reports inside the panels.
Then NMKR has meanwhile come out with an Auction option, which is now also being implemented.
Also, we had a look at the contractual part of the signup process and decided that could be done more efficiently so work is on the way to improve upon that now as well.

Last but not least, the branding and messaging.
When the software development started with their tasks now just over two and a half months ago, they did so based on what was then the design of NFThubs.
Meanwhile, NFthubs has become The Art Suite which features a first attempt at a new look and feels as you can currently see on theartsuite.io
But the best is yet to come.
A totally new brand image was created by Blue Manakin, NFT Marketing company in Madrid.
As we are aiming to get The Art Suite 2.0 out to the public before voting starts for Fund 9 of Cardano Catalyst, we decided that we have time to try and get in as many features as possible for maximum impact. After creating the platform with our own resources, funding will be important to take The Art Suite to a level to be able to compete with the big NFT art platforms that have been existing on other blockchains for several years, such as SuperRare or Foundation, and to some lesser extent also OpenSea.

(To see our main proposal for funding the growth of The Art Suite, check https://cardano.ideascale.com/c/idea/417400)

So here we are.
Getting very close to delivering what we feel will be a great platform for artists around the world to converge and try their hands for the first time at converting their traditional art into NFTs.

We appreciate the support of the Cardano and wider NFT communities.
As we have learned over the years following the development of the Cardano blockchain itself, the building takes time, but when done right, the results can be amazing and that is what we are aiming for.

If all goes well, our next blog update in about two weeks will be to celebrate the launch of The Art Suite 2.0 ...AND....the green light to our artist agent program.
More about that next time.

See you all very soon, and happy NFTing....