The Art Suite Artist Agent Program
Hello Cardano and other blockchain communities, art lovers and NFT enthusiasts.

With now a mere 8 days to go to the target date of publishing The Art Suite 2.0, it is time for another update.

On a software development level, 2.0 is ready and the last details are being polished.

Then currently the team is mounting the new graphic design on the existing material to launch The Art Suite 2.0 in all its splendor.

One important thing to explain is that 2.0 will be launched as a clean sheet. In the first hours there will not be any artists on the platform !


Our totally new and built-from-the-ground-up codebase has been designed to effortlessly onboard artists and activate artist agents. (more about that further on).

But in order to speed up the development of 2.0, the system was at this stage not designed to migrate the already existing content on to 2.0

Work is on the way to create a little 'system within a system" to allow that migration, which should see the light by the start of October.

Currently all drops on The Art Suite are available at both and

This content will stay active and operational on until the add-on system to migrate the existing content to The Art Suite 2.0 will have been launched and once migration and integration of the two sites will have been completed, will shut down.

So yes, The Art Suite 2.0 will launch on day 1 with zero artists on the platform. is where the fun starts!


Growing The Art Suite in number of artists will not only be down to new artists who decide to join, but it will also be a community effort with the use of our exclusive Artist Agent program.

Here is how the program works:

Artists who directly join the platform will receive 80% of the revenue of the sales of their NFTs. (a minimum of 5% goes to a social project of their choice as presented on the platform at the time of joining).

Although signing up is a short and easy process, there are lots of artists who do not like dealing with these types of procedures. Artists like to spend their time creating.

So for those artists who fall into this category, The Art Suite has designed the Artist Agent Program.

If you know any artists who are interested in creating a new revenue stream by digitalizing their art, you can take care of the onboarding process for them!

This will entitle you to 20% of revenues created by the sale of ANY NFTs of "your artist' of "ANY: work they sell on The Art Suite. All commissions are paid instantly (!) with the use of our unique payment splitter technology. The moment one of "your" artists makes a sale, as an artist agent your 20% will be sent directly into your ADA wallet that you will be required to create during the signup process.

This means that as an artist agent you now have the opportunity to become manager of any amount of amazing artists anywhere in the world and help them gain a whole new type of revenue.

A great way of finding artists to onboard the platform is to connect with your local artist communities. You will find that in nearly every city there are artist collectives that consist of artists that want nothing else but to find a new and innovative way to offer their art to a global public. Or go visit art exhibitions and museums and create a list of artists to contact. You will be surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response.

The mission of The Art Suite is to promote art from all corners of the world. Therefore we are looking for agents in any country or city on the planet to create a truly global art community.


If YOU are interested in becoming an artist agent for The Art Suite, please send us an email to [email protected] or get in touch with us on twitter at @theartsuite

Joining The Art Suite as an artist or agent is Free. All applications will be screened and once approved, you will be given access to your personal control panel!

Help us build an amazing Global Art Community and join our Artist Agent program.


As The Art Suite we have submitted five proposals to Fund 9 of Cardano Catalyst.
Our largest proposal, "Scale The Art Suite NFT4Good Platform" requests funding to market the platform.
As you have read, we have created the platform and also put together a program to very quickly grow the platform in number of artists.
The funding we are requesting is meant to create a team to now work with this global art engine we have created and market the art to a global audience.

Please vote for our proposal:
(There are links inside of the proposal to our other 4 proposals.)

Thank you and hope to see you soon at The Art Suite 2.0 !

Alfred Moesker
CEO of The Art Suite