Welcome to The Art Suite 2.0 !!

The Art Suite is super proud and excited to present version 2.0 of our NFT artist launch platform to the public!

Why is 2.0 a very big deal?

The original version of the platform was built on Shopify, an "out of the box" solution to quickly and easily give shape to a concept, the concept of an NFT artist launch platform on the Cardano blockchain.

In short time the platform gained a certain amount of popularity in the Cardano community and it soon became evident that "out of the box" would not offer the solutions required to guarantee quality, diversity, and above all, growth.

So some 4 months ago it was decided to invest into building our own codebase from the ground up, which would facilitate creating any future features required or desired. A software company was contracted in Bangladesh, under supervision of Art Suite partner and web developer Nazmul Biplob and put to the task.


So what does 2.0 offer that 1.0 did not?

The biggest difference, other than a vastly improved layout, more attractive graphics and new branding, is that now the sign up process for the artists has been fully automated.

Any artist who wishes to sell her or his art as NFT on The Art Suite, can now sign up in a matter of minutes. As a result of that process the artist creates a personal control panel where to not only set up any amount of NFT drops but also access and maintain personal details and view dedicated  sales reports.


The Artist Agents

Then, signing up has also been automated in the exact same fashion for the Artist Agents.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, the job of the Artist Agent is to help artists (those who are reluctant to start this process themselves) join the platform, to take care of entering the Artist's personal details to the system, advise and upload the selected art to be sold as NFT, and deal with any other aspects of sign up.

This in return for a compensation of 20% of the revenue of NFT sales of the artist or artists that he/she has onboarded to the platform.

The Artist Agents will be key in quickly growing the platform and hopefully creating a huge global artist community, for example by sourcing their local artist community anywhere in the world and find artists who are interested in creating a digital, CNFT version of their art on The Art Suite.

In other words, 2.0 will soon make digital NFT art accessible to anybody anwhere on the planet.


Join The Art Suite

So if you are an artist, and/or if you know artists that you think might be interested in joining The Art Suite, you can now sign yourself up at the  "Get Listed" section on the main menu.

The Art Suite Admin will receive your application and after a quick verification, if all the info checks out, activate your account.


Social Impact Engine

There is a last very important aspect of the platform that we have not mentioned here.

The Art Suite is designed to not only be a global artist launch platform, but also a social impact engine.

All artists who join The Art Suite implicitely accept that a minimum of 5% of sales revenue goes to one of the social impact projects presented on the portal.

It is our hope and belief that with the coming growth of The Art Suite, we will be able to partner with big(ger) projects that focus on the preservation of the environment, promote gender equality, focus on sustainability, and generally try to make our planet a slightly better place for those that inhabit it, be that human or otherwise.


Support our Cause

Therefor, if you are an art lover and an NFT enthusiast, your purchases do not only have the potential to change the lives of an artist, but they will also help worthy causes.


We hope you will enjoy the platform!

The Art Suite Artist Agent Program